Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Siege Bell Monument Valletta

The Siege Bell Monument in Valletta commemorates the George Cross Award bestowed upon the Maltese people to honor their valor during the siege of WWII where more than 7000 soldiers and civilians died. Malta became the most bombed place on earth, as Hitler's Luftwaffe tried to gain control of the strategically placed island. The point where the monument stands offers great views of the Grand Harbor, so we got there early in the morning before heading off on the rest of our travels. Here are Alex, Dad and Andrew silhouetted against the Maltese morning.

Malta has tremendous limestone quarries. Most of the buildings on this island are constructed out of this soft, creamy stone. Here are blocks of it on the street being used for repairs.

Malta also does not have any naturally occuring sources of fresh water. All their water is either imported or rendered drinkable using reverse osmosis. Anyways, we passed this pickup truck loaded with water. Look at how low that thing is riding!

On the square overlooking the harbor we passed a local training this small pony. The goat was there to keep the pony calm.

This is the monument itself. It sits on a bastion where a massive cannon once stood.

Andrew sitting on the monument looking out over the harbor.

Dad coming down the steps of the monument. We got to the monument 28 minutes after they rang the bell (which they do every day) and the clapper was still swinging to and fro. It is massive.

A picture of me using binoculars to watch the ships coming into the harbor.

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Aggie said...

weather and water look great. Great harbour shots, what a great live history lesson.