Monday, January 7, 2008

Finishing up the mosaic - all my trade secrets revealed!

I thought I'd post some pictures of the finishing work on the mosaic since I didn't get the opportunity to do so with the first one.

First step was to mix up a special glue which is water soluble but very tacky.

This glue is then spread on the mosaic very liberally.

I then laid a piece of canvas on top of the glue and put another layer of glue on. This acts as a temporary backing. It's important to leave ridges of canvas so that the canvas isn't stretched so tight that not all the tesserae are touching.

I left the glue to dry, a process which took 2 days. After it had dried the temporary frame was pulled off and I began picking out the clay that was holding the tesserae in place.

This picture shows the back of the mosaic with most of the clay removed.

Once the clay was removed, pieces of it still remained in the cracks between the tesserae. These then had to be picked out using a special pick...a job which fit Augustin perfectly :). He did a smashingly good if you want your teeth cleaned let him know. The clay must be removed so the mortar adheres to the tesserae properly.

After the mosaic back was cleaned I spread a special mortar into a frame I had made earlier.

I also spread a layer of mortar directly onto the back of the mosaic.

A flip, and the mosaic was mounted securely in its frame.

After allowing it to dry somewhat, I sprayed the canvas with warm water which began dissolving the glue. As it dissolved I carefully peeled it away.

Carefully and slowly being the key words.

The finished product. Now all that remains is to let the mortar completely cure, and then I will sponge down the mosaic removing any remaining glue residue.


Anonymous said...

So, I can leave a comment here too?
Well, just following ur lead- nawyce job professor! And perhaps Augustin may become both a future SSPX priest and a dentist or and orhtodontist! If we ar going to give our best boys to God's service then we must shoot for the lovliest, brightest stars!


Teresa said...

It's beautiful!! You did a great job!! :-)

Kitty said...

WOW- AWESOME I can't find better words to express my amazement :) Keep it up Antonio!

Barbaranne said...

Spectacular Anthony! Wow, what a gorgeous finished mosaic!

After paging through some of your other entries that I'd missed I see you did fireworks for New Year's Eve. Ask your folks about the "fireworks" we experienced with them at Moehringer Kaserne when you and Nathaniel were mere babes!

Dicky Bird said...

Absolutely wonderful work. You picked the best of subjects and were rewarded with excellance.

Let me know when you want to visit Florida : ) I hear there is a chapel that needs some beautiful interior decorations...hint, hint.

JMR said...

That is beautiful work!!

Anonymous said...

YO!!!! Easy on the teeth jokes :)
Great job!!!! Hope all is well with you and your family in the eternal city!


Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony,
Great hobby! Wonderful results. Remember the mosaic made out of feathers ... you presented me with years ago? Still have the pic! I applaud you for the creativity, patience and hard work it takes.