Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some scenes of Malta

Malta has such a unique character I thought I'd post some pictures that I hope capture the spirit of the Island.

The streets of Valletta, cutting through row after row of limestone buildings.

Garbage collection in Valletta (at least the historical center) entails hanging your garbage on the little hook outside the door and tipping the collector when he comes by.

They have Pizza Hut in Valletta and this is how they deliver it.

Valletta's roads all lead to the water, since it's situated on a peninsula. Check out this one!

The main square which also serves as the bus terminal.

Sunset over Valletta.

At night they illuminate the fort across the harbor from a projector mounted in the water. They show various pictures, including news, historical photographs, and even this montage of Maltese Crosses.

Last night they had fireworks on the Grand Harbor for some reason (I'm not sure why). It was quite a treat though.


The Saint's said...

I must say, your pictures are impressive. You make me want to go there now. Maybe one of these days. That's interesting to see Pizza Hut on the island. When I was in France, though, they had Pizza Hut there also and they delivered them with that type of scooter in your picture. They also had Centry 21 Country North Realtors (it was in English, too), McDonalds, BP Amaco, and Dominino's Pizza.

Aggie said...

WOW the city alley shots especially really show the "ubiquitous" limestone of Malta.

Aggie said...

Oh too bad to see Pizza Hut, that seems out of character for a 7000 year old island.